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    Mourning Chaos

    I mourn the chaos of a soul breaking. I mourn the drama of a high functioning alcohol-infused depression.

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    In Search for Answers

    I live in fear of having these core beliefs reaffirmed, of being found out as the horrible person that I feel inside. Under-qualified and overpaid, selfish and un-creative.

  • Diary

    2020/12/08 (Tue)

    Here I am noticing the pattern, noticing the guilt I feel for under-performing, my perfectionism still running deep, still raising hurdles every so very often.

  • Diary

    2020/11/29 (Sun)

    I… I’m terrified. Outright frozen with fear of pouring all this precious time and effort into something that will not pay off, something that I’ll get sick of and lose interest in the end, wishing that I had put effort…

  • Diary

    2020/08/25 (Tue)

    Let yourself feel the things that you’re feeling. Don’t try to force them away. Let them be, feel them fully.

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    The Daydream

    Wow my standards are dragging on the ground, huh? Being impressed by the fact that a man listens to me. Sad life we’re living here.